Staying a lot of time sitting can hurt posture and cause back pain

Studies show that we spend seven hours a day sitting on average. The fact that we are seated for so long can cause or facilitate the occurrence of various problems, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity,depression, premature death and problems in the spine or other joints.

That we stayed throughout the day, the seated posture causes a lot of overload in the spine, especially to the intervertebral disc, being able to lead to its wear.

It is difficult to maintain the same posture sitting for a long time. And, throughout the day, we are staying in positions that facilitate the appearance of pain in the body, especially if we are sitting and using the computer at the same time.

When we are seated and sedentary, the muscles responsible for stabilizing our spine, especially the muscles of the abdomen and the muscles of the lumbar region, become more relaxed and weakened, further increasing the excess pressure on the spine, which facilitates the occurrence of pain. Not to mention that we spend less energy, promoting the accumulation of weight and consequently the diseases that come with it ( hypertension,diabetes, heart problems, etc.).

So the most important thing is to change the positions throughout the day and move more. If you are going to sit for a long time, put a reminder or an alarm on your cell phone to warn you that it is time to get up, perform some movement in your spine and other joints. If possible, walk a little, drink water. Find office chair for hip pain or back pain is one of the best thing that you can do to relief the pain. But if you cannot buy new chair, you can find back cushion support for office chair that support your back and it will make you more comfortable

If you need to talk on the phone or stand up.Instead of just communicating over the phone with the people at work, try to get to their table. If you spend a lot of time in the car, make stops, walk. Alternate the direction with other people, change the position of the accent a bit.

So with these little attitudes, your body will be immensely grateful to you. The joints are better nourished by movement. They were made to move. Soon being seated for so long will hurt them.

Move and extend your life with more health!

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